Buffalo Updates 8/14/19

Blue background with Fort Riley Elementary Buffalo

FE: The first few days have gone great! It’s nice to see the students, staff, and parents getting into the daily routine of school. Below are a few reminders and dates.

Drop-off: When dropping off in the morning, please have students exit the passenger (curb) side of the vehicle. Parents should also stay in the car. This is the safest way to drop-off, especially with vehicles passing by on the driver’s side.

Visitors: Parents are always welcome in the building. If you are needing to visit with the teacher, the office will call and check to see if they are available. Teaching the students in their class is the teacher’s priority during the school day. A quick email is often the most efficient way of contacting a teacher.

We do ask parents follow the Kiss-N-Go procedure in the morning. If walking your student to school, this can be done at the school doors. Students will then head into the building where we have adults supervising and making sure they get to where they are going. School staff can also help with those struggling to say goodbye each morning.

Front Door: Over the summer, a secure entrance was installed. This includes the front door being locked during school hours. Visitors will need to ring the doorbell located on the left side of the far right door. You will hear a click and have about 4 seconds to open the door.

Dismissal Plans: If your student’s plan for dismissal changes, please contact the office by 2:45 pm. This gives the office staff time to notify the teacher. Also, if there is a change in after school SAS plans, please let the office know. This will allow us to make sure dismissal plans match up with the list SAS sends us.

August 15: First Day of Kindergarten – Kindergarten students will start tomorrow. It will be a full day. Kindergarten students will start in the gym. Parents of kindergartners may walk their students to the gym in the morning on the first day. When it is time for class to start, we will ask parents to say their goodbyes in the gym. The teachers will then take the students to their classrooms. We will have extra staff on hands to help. For those of you returning, we are not doing the parent breakfast this year.

August 30 – No School PreK-5

September 2 – No School PreK-12

Have a great rest of the week!

Mr. Upham
Mrs. Burgess