Fort Riley Elementary Volunteer Breakfast

Paper hands with words on each

In honor of their volunteers, Fort Riley Elementary held an appreciation breakfast on Thursday, April 26, 2018 in the library. The theme was “Thank You for your Helping Hands.” Fort Riley Elementary teachers prepared breakfast for these special people and gave them each a certificate. Each volunteer was honored by teachers and administration for helping and giving their time.  The Fort Riley Elementary PTO Volunteers completely run the school carnival and assemble the school yearbook.

“We couldn’t do a lot of things without the help and support they provide.” -Leslie Yenni, ELL Teacher

“I volunteer to get involved with the community. I think it’s awesome that we are given the opportunity to help!” -Anastasia Luna, Parent at Fort Riley Elementary

“Being military, not being around family is difficult, so we consider Fort Riley Elementary our family and try to get involved when we can.” -Nakisha Bryan