February Buffalo Buzz

Fort Riley Elementary
28000 Rifle Range Road
Fort Riley, Kansas 66442
Becky Coy, Principal
Melisa Burgess, Asst. Principal


27 February 2018
3:15 – 4:15 p.m.
New Business:
Welcome – Mrs. Paskow & Mrs. Coy
District Site Council – Mrs. Paskow
Gifted Program and Chess Club update – Mrs. Strathe
Science Night – Mr. Reever & Mrs. Paskow
PTO Update – Mrs. Kelly Kredo
FEB/MAR Calendar – Mrs. Coy & Mrs. Burgess
Upcoming Dates & Draft Topics for Site Council meetings 2017/18: Mrs. Paskow
27MAR18: Site Council – Science night final update and Cultural Fair (Mrs. Yenni)
05APR18: Science Fair
25APR18: Site Council – Plan for 18/19 School Year
04MAY18: FRE Carnival
Our FRE Site Council Purpose:
 Provide advice and counsel to the school in evaluating state, school district and school site performance goals and objectives; Help determine methods which should be employed by the school to meet the goals and objectives; and Provide other assistance that the board may request.
Topics for inclusion from parents and staff are encouraged

Notes From the Nurse

I would like to remind parents that cold/flu season is here and to remember that your child needs to be kept home if they are experiencing fever (>99.9), vomiting, or diarrhea. They should remain out of school until they are without fever, vomiting, or diarrhea for 24 hours WITHOUT medication. Also, encourage your children to wash their hands frequently or use hand sanitizer and to cough or sneeze into the bend of their elbow. Let’s do all we can to keep our kids, teachers, and staff healthy!
February is Dental Health Month. On March 1st the tooth fairy will be visiting our school. She will talk with all stu-dents about proper brushing technique and hand out new toothbrushes.

Dear Parents,
My name is Jennifer Hansen, and I am the Instructional Coach at Fort Riley Elementary.
I would like to take a moment to tell you about a supplemental reading program at our school, the istation Reading Program!
istation is an internet-based reading program for use by students in grades Pre-K through 12. istation is made of four easy-to-use components that work together to help students achieve success in reading.
1. Assessments Identify Areas in Need of Improvement.
Students’ skills are assessed and monitored throughout the year using istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™), a fast, online assessment. The assessment determines where students have weaknesses in the critical areas of reading.
2. Individual Instruction is Delivered in a Fun, Animated Format.
Based on assessment results, students then receive instruction based on their individual needs through ista-tion’s online interactive curriculum. The interactive reading curriculum provides instruction and practice in all of the critical reading areas. Students receive this instruction in a fun, animated format that motivates stu-dents to learn.
3. Student Improvement is Monitored Closely.
Student performance reports are automatically created and shared with teachers and administrators. These re-ports make recommendations for the teacher to provide lessons to students in small groups.
4. Teacher Resources Provide Additional Support.
istation includes an extensive library of Teacher Resources for additional reading support. These resources include 2000 teacher-directed lessons, over 150 decodable books, passages and read aloud books, as well as poetry, rhymes, word banks, and educational games.
istation is a fun and engaging way for students to achieve success in reading!
If you need a parent letter that gives directions on how to log your child in at home, please contact your child’s teacher or Mrs. Hansen. JenniferHansen@usd475.org

The PTO is always looking for volunteers and fresh ideas. Please consider joining us at one of our meetings. For more information, reach out to fre.pto@yahoo.com.
Next Meeting: Feb. 13th at 8 AM in the Café
Yearbook order forms are due Friday, March 14th .

Box Tops for Education
Our December/January winners will win a
Pajama Day & Popsicle Party!

FRE Multicultural Fair
Being a part of a military community gives many the opportunity to travel and meet others from around the world. Within our own school district a total of 49 different languages are spoken by students and their families. At FRE we have at least 10 different languages spoken, representing families from at least 15 different countries! We are looking for parents willing to share their cultural heritage with students at Fort Riley Elementary through a Multicultural Fair. The focus of this activity would be to celebrate our students’ diverse backgrounds, while making each student more aware of their own heritage.
If you would like to share artifacts, music, fables or legends, cultural dress, etc. with our FRE students, please fill out the form below and return it to your child’s teacher. We are working out the details and are looking at a date in May. Be looking for future notices.

Physical Education

I would like to thank parents and guardians for helping students to remember proper tennis shoes for gym class. I love that they have proven to be so responsible; with some even bringing extra shoes to change before P.E. I appreciate the outcome thus far!
Starting February 26th we will begin Jump Rope for Heart. That afternoon we will kick off the event with an assembly to show students what they can do to help this program. For two weeks, students will get the chance to raise money for the American Heart Association. I will offer some incentives and students will earn prizes as they collect money. We will also talk about ways to keep a healthy heart and do some jump rope activities to show how we “Jump Rope” for heart health. More info will be coming out for this and you are welcome to join us on February 26th at 2PM in the gym.
We started the 2018 spring semester in P.E. doing a unit in basketball. We worked on dribbling, control, form, passing skills, shooting, and some defense for the upper grades. We completed the Fitness Gram test in 4th and 5th grade. The 3rd graders had the opportunity to practice these tests so that they know what to expect next year. These tests show flexibility, muscular endurance/strength, aerobic capacity (running), and body composition. I am super proud of students doing their best to get these completed! Results for 4thand 5th grade will come home at the end of 3rd quarter.
From February through the end of the year, I will be assessing your children on certain fundamentals and skills. There really is not anything that can help prepare them for these. Some grade levels have already begun assessments in a few of the areas. I try to incorporate these skills into multiple activities so that students can become familiar with them. These skills/assessments will show up on student’s report cards this semester.
K/1st- Hopping, sliding, skipping, catching, underhand throw, kicking, jumping, and gallop skills (Locomotor skills).
2nd/3rd- Skipping, jump rope, overhand throw, catching, dribbling with feet, kicking, and striking with implements.
4th/5th grade- Dribbling with hands/feet, striking with long implements, volley skills, overhand throw, and passing/receiving with feet and hands.
In the coming months, students will have the opportunity to learn skills in soccer, hockey, and volleyball and then apply those skills to the activities. KG/1st graders will be learning some dance skills and 2nd-5th graders will get to participate in some vari-ous team sport games/activities to end the year. I am always looking for opportunities to give students a break from units they may struggle with or not care for by playing more team games. My hope is that these team activities will help students to un-derstand the concept of winning and losing and teach them to deal with future situations. Losing can be difficult and showing them now that it is ok to make mistakes, and how we can gain from those mistakes, will help them in real life situations. “You can only get better at something” is a wonderful concept to have in life. I have not been keeping scores for team games; I think that as long as everyone is doing their best and trying to fix mistakes, that everyone should be a winner at their young age. I do not want students to give up and I want them to continue to be active and enjoy coming to Physical Education. I am encouraging students daily to show Buffalo Pride by showing respect, encouraging their classmates, modeling good sports-manship, being honest and responsible, having positive attitudes, always trying and putting forth their best effort, and never giving up! I can’t wait for Spring so we can enjoy better weather and possibly head outside for class!
If you have any questions or concerns, you may reach me via email at aurielfox@usd475.org or you may call the office at 785-717-4450 and leave a message.
Mrs. Fox

Noteworthy News from the Music Room
January is always a busy month in the Music room. It is time to celebrate the importance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Kansas Day with songs and dances. It is also a busy month as students prepare for the North Central and All State KMEA Elementary Honor Choirs too!
Congratulations to the following students for being selected to represent our school on Saturday, February 3rd as members of the North Central Kansas KMEA Elementary Honor Choir: Alhena Farias, Kaylie Fitzpatrick, Marrisa Lewis, Destiny Tech, Mary Ann Tulafono, and Aidan Weatherbee! They will be a part of a choir of 140 5th and 6th grade students from the North Central Kansas area. They have been rehearsing after school to prepare five two-part songs for the per-formance that will be given at Junction City Middle School. I have enjoyed working with them! They will represent our school very well!
I want to congratulate Giovanni Brooks, Ayana Kelley, and Xavier Winter for being chosen as members of the KMEA All State Elementary Choir! This choir will perform on Thursday, February 22nd at the Kansas Music Educators Asso-ciation Inservice Workshop in Wichita, KS. 800 singers in 3rd – 5th grades from across the state auditioned for this choir and 160 were chosen. These students will spend the day in Wichita rehearsing with a nationally renowned Children’s Choir director from Boston, Sophia Papoulis. The choir will give a performance that evening in Century II Concert Hall. We are so excited as they are the only ones in the choir from our school district. I am so proud of them!
3rd grade students began learning how to play a recorder in January. They are already making beautiful sounds and starting to learn to play songs. I will not send the recorders home until they can play a song or too! (You’re wel-come!) Parents, it is helpful if they spend a few minutes each day practicing at home! All grades have learned the history of our state song, “Home on the Range”, and are learning to sing it. Ask your child about the history of it! Primary stu-dents are learning “play parties”. These are the early singing games that children would have played in the 1800’s when dancing and fiddle playing was considered evil. They are learning what kids did for fun in an era when there was no tele-vision, movies, mp3s, cds, Xbox, etc. They sang, moved and played these singing games. 4th and 5th graders are learning how to improve their music reading skills. We are currently focusing on getting better at solfege (do-re-mi ….) to improve our melodic reading skills. We will also continue to improve our rhythm skills too! They now have their recorders too! Kindergarten children have enjoyed lots of movement activities to the music from “The Nutcracker”. 1st graders are learning how to read rhythm “stick notation” and performing it with sticks, sleigh bells, and drums. 2nd graders have en-joyed discovering the musical form of Leroy Anderson’s famous piece, “Sleigh Ride”. We used the parachute to show the form of this music. It was so much fun! They also learned a dance to “Jingle Bells”. Yes, “Jingle Bells” is a “winter” song and not really a Christmas song.
As report card time is near, I wanted to share with you about music assessments. 1st-5th grades have a barred instrument playing test each year. 3rd – 5th grades have a recorder playing test and tests on identification of notes/rests and their values. They also have assessments on identifying the notes on the staff. Singing skill tests are given after each classes music program. Please keep in mind that many of these tests are “skill tests”. Skills improve with more playing, extra work and practice, and a willingness to work hard and persevere. We all have skills of various abilities. Please don’t expect your child to get a “4” on all of these skills. If their effort and behavior grades are a “3” or “4”, they are doing all they can do! It is not the same as taking a test over factual information. (treble clef identification, note/rest value identi-fication, instrument identification, etc.) The number given for those “skills” only tells you and your child where that par-ticular skill is right now. It is not the same as a letter grade, only an indication of skill. I tell the kids if they work hard they will improve their skills over time. Also, keep in mind, that many times there is nothing to study for. It is based on singing or playing activities that we have worked on in class over several weeks. If you have a question about the skill grade on the report card or any other grades, please feel free to contact me or come and visit during conferences. I’m always here during conferences.
As you can see, the Music room has been a very busy place. Next is February with Valentine activities.
Hope yours is a musical one!!!
*Upcoming Dates: Thursday, March 8th: 1st Grade Music Program 6:30 p.m.
Thursday, May 3rd: 2nd/3rd Grade Music Program 6:30 p.m.

Breakfast is served to all students from 7:15am – 7:35am. Please do not have students arrive any later than 7:35am if they are eating breakfast. This will help ensure students are in their classroom by 7:45am and ready to learn. Students who ar-rive to breakfast late and are still in the Café after the 7:45 bell rings, will be marked tardy that day.
Please remember we cannot allow students to be dismissed between 2:45 – 3:00pm. If your child has an appointment, the front office will work with you with regard to dismissal. The dismissal bell rings at 3:00 and this is when the students will be dismissed.
Pick-Up Lane Visor Tags
If you do not have a window sign for your child, please let the teacher or the front office know. These signs help teachers to match up and identify the correct car and individual with regard to whom the student will be going home with at the end of the school day.
Please remember to call the school as soon as you know that your child will be absent or tardy that day. If you know in advance, please send in a note to the teacher and/or the front office so that the absence can be documented properly.
If your child has a doctor/dental appointment please try to remember to ask for an appointment note and turn that into the front office, as well. You may reach the office at 785-717-4450.

You are always welcome to come eat with your child.
You are also welcome to bring your own sack lunch.
Kindergarten 1st Grade 10:55 – 11:15 11:20 – 11:40
2nd Grade 3rd Grade 11:45 – 12:05 12:10 – 12:30
4th Grade 5th Grade 12:35 – 12:55 12:50 – 1:10

Student Meal Prices
Breakfast – $1.70
Lunch – $2.55
Reduced Breakfast – $.30
Reduced Lunch – $.40
Guest Meal Prices
Breakfast – $2.15
Lunch – $3.60

When sending in lunch/milk money, please put all money in a sealed envelope with your child’s and teacher’s name on it. All meal and milk money comes out of the same account. Please make sure you are aware of the cur-rent balance and are up to date with all payments. If your student’s account is negative, snack milk and milk for home lunches will not be allowed to be purchased. Thank you for your help!


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