December Buffalo Buzz

Site Council minutes: Present: Melisa Burgess, Becky Coy, Tiffany Stephens, Kelley Paskow, Kelly Kredo, Trishon Ramsey, Kelly Propst, Shane Hansen, Leslie Yenni, Mary Ervin, Shelly Gunderson
Introductions were made and everyone was welcomed by Mrs. Paskow and Mrs. Coy.
Mrs. Gunderson from Food Service spoke to the group about how the menus have evolved throughout the years in our district regarding nutritional standards. She also explained how and why there are no longer kitchens in each school. Additional explanation included information regarding processed foods and those foods cooked on site.
Mrs. Trishon Ramsey inquired about choices, variation, and serving sizes. Mrs. Gunderson agreed to offer more choices in fruit types along with yogurt and granola.
Mrs. Tiffany Stephens reported to the council all that was happening in terms of technology at FRE. She stated that the three TV’s would be used for pictures of our students, the KFRE News Program, messages pertinent to our school, and a wireless component for our gym teacher. All these would be in lieu of regular television programming. She explained how our 3D printer is being used to solve social problems and that the filament is plant based which is conducive to our environment and that Book Fair money is used to pay for the plastic.
In addition, LEGO Education WeDos are being used in the second grade for robot building and coding. The 5th grades are building robots to test student emotion, and K-1 are using Coding Mice.
Mrs. Stephens reported that 5th grade students are editing, using the green screen, interview, and recording the footage independently.
PTO reported that there will be a pizza order form being sent out to parents for Game night, the ART fund-raiser will need extensive tweaking for next year, the school yearbook picture went well, books have been ordered for classroom teachers with the use of PTO funds, and our Christmas Trading Post will be up and running again for the holiday season.
Also discussed was the upcoming November 15 game night, the November calendar, and the Istation read-ing data results, and the positives of our district building a new High School.
Mrs. Leslie Yenni expressed an interest in celebrating our different cultures in FRE. This would be a future project.

Student Council: BIG Thank You to all of our FRE students who contributed food to our food drive! With your help, this year we were able to collect just over 1,400 food items to be distributed by our Ft. Riley Red Cross office. When our Red Cross representative arrived to pick up the food, she was super surprised at the generosity of our FRE families. She was not prepared to pick up so much food and had to make two trips to get it all loaded! Our donations this year will benefit both the Topeka and Wichita VA Hospitals.

The Buffalo Trading Post holiday shop is a wonderful event the PTO hosts for our students so children in all grades can shop for their loved ones. Gift items can range from dog toys, to necklaces and ties, to books and other fun gifts. Presents they choose are priced anywhere between $.50 and $10.00. PTO volunteers will help students shop for holiday surprises and all presents will be wrapped and sent home. If you would like to volunteer for this awesome and fun event, please contact the PTO at The Trading Post will be in Room A128.

This year we are collecting Coke Rewards. These come on most Coca-Cola products; single bottles, 12 packs, etc. Please visit to find out how to give back to our school!

As part of your child’s P.E. program, all schools in USD 475 are required to participate in the FITNESSGRAM fitness assessment which measures health-related fitness for youth. The FITNESSGRAM physical fitness assessments measure aerobic capacity, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. The FITNESSGRAM assessment is a measure of good health as opposed to athletic ability. Each student is assessed using the following assessment compo-nents:
Back-Saver Sit & Reach
Trunk Lift
A FITNESSGRAM report will be provided for each student to take home. The report includes your child’s scores and information on the FITNESSGRAM Healthy Fitness Zones. The Healthy Fitness Zone represents the level of fitness needed for good health. The information on the report is private and will not be displayed or made public.
For more information regarding the FITNESSGRAM assessment, please visit
If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me via email or phone.
Mrs. Fox
Physical Education
(785) 717-6605
I would also like to mention the importance of wearing proper athletic shoes during P.E. If your child chooses to wear something other than tennis shoes/athletic shoes, they will start missing daily points starting 3rd quar-ter. Thanks for keeping our kids safe with proper footwear.

FRE has weekly support group meetings for stu-dents who have a parent deployed. Members of this group do fun and engaging activities, includ-ing making gifts and cards for mom/dad, during their regular school hours. The group facilitator also reads books and talks to the children about coping with deployment. Members are en-couraged to support each other and remember to respect one another’s privacy. If you have a spouse deployed and you are interested in your child attending please stop by the office for a permission slip.
This is our weekly schedule:
Kindergarten: Tuesday @ 9:00 AM
First Grade: Tuesday @ 2:00 PM
Second Grade: Wednesday @ 12:10 PM
Third Grade: Wednesday @ 10:40 AM
Fourth Grade: Thursday @ 1:00 PM Fifth Grade: Thursday @ 11:55 AM

The Kindness Challenge is kicking off this week at Fort Riley Elementary. Across from the library, our Kindness Tree is located where students can se-lect from a variety of random acts of kindness (or choose one on their own). Once an act of kindness is completed students complete a leaf that is to be placed on the tree. On the leaf, stu-dents record how their random act of kindness helped or affected someone else. #FREkindnesschallenge

Breakfast is served to all students from 7:15am – 7:35am. Please do not have students arrive any later than 7:35am if they are eating breakfast. This will help ensure students are in their classroom by 7:45am and ready to learn. Students who ar-rive to breakfast late and are still in the Café after the 7:45 bell rings, will be marked tardy that day.
Please remember we cannot allow students to be dismissed between 2:45 – 3:00pm. If your child has an appointment, the front office will work with you with regard to dismissal. The dismissal bell rings at 3:00 and this is when the students will be dismissed.
Hug-n-Home Lane Visor Tags
If you do not have a window sign for your child, please let the teacher or the front office know. These signs help teachers to match up & identify the correct car & individual with regard to whom the student will be going home with at the end of the school day.
Please remember to call the school as soon as you know that your child will be absent or tardy that day. If you know in advance, please send in a note to the teacher and/or the front office so that the absence can be documented properly. If your child has a doctor/dental appt. please try to remember to ask for an appointment note and turn that into the front office, as well. 785-717-4450
You are always welcome to come eat with your child.
You are also welcome to bring your own sack lunch.
Kindergarten 1st Grade 10:55 – 11:15 11:20 – 11:40
2nd Grade 3rd Grade 11:45 – 12:05 12:10 – 12:30
4th Grade 5th Grade 12:35 – 12:55 12:50 – 1:10
When sending in lunch/milk money, please put all money in a sealed envelope with your child’s and teacher’s name on it. All meal and milk money comes out of the same account. Please make sure you are aware of the cur-rent balance and are up to date with all payments. If your student’s account is negative, snack milk and milk for home lunches will not be allowed to be purchased. Thank you for your help!
Student Meal Prices
Breakfast – $1.70
Lunch – $2.55
Reduced Breakfast – $.30
Reduced Lunch – $.40
Guest Meal Prices
Breakfast – $2.15
Lunch – $3.60

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